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Call or email for an estimate.
Estimates are faster and more accurate by phone.
Email jross0416@outlook.com
Phone # 678-432-6796
Hours 9:00-5:00 Monday/Saturday

Trailer holds 5 pick-up truck loads (513 cubic feet/19.0 cubic yards).
Each pick-up truck load is approximately 103 cubic feet/3.80 cubic yards

General pricing
$85.00 plus is the minimum charge for less than 1 pick-up truck load
1 pick-up truck load = $100.00 - $125.00
2 pick-up truck load = $160.00 - $185.00
3 pick-up truck load = $220.00 - $245.00
4 pick-up truck load = $280.00 - $310.00
5 pick-up truck load = $340.00 - $370.00
6 plus pick-up truck load. Call for pricing.

A small price adjustment may be necessary based on certain situations involved in pick-up of items and/or mileage to pick-up location. Any adjustment will be discussed when estimate is given to customer.

If possible have description of items to be removed and where they are located (garage, curb, inside home/office, basement, backyard etc.)
Pictures of items can be emailed to above email address. Try to take pictures of items to be removed from several angles (front, back, both sides.)